How to : Make your own pinecone pet!

How to : Make your own pinecone pet!

Here’s the perfect fall activity to enjoy outside with the whole family!



  • *Pine cones
  • *Wooden Skewers
  • *Branches


Step 1: Step Outside and start gathering pine cones, branches, and anything else you’d want to use to decorate your Pine cone Pet. Feathers and other natural elements can also add awesome touches to make your pet truly your own!

 Step 2: The pine cones will be used as the major parts of your pet, like the head and torso. You can use the wooden skewers to pierce holes and connect the different body parts together. No glue required!


Step 3Your imagination is the limit to what you can create! Once you’re finished assembling your new friend, you can now play with your pet. You can also use it as cute fall decorations around your home. Or, why not place it next to your pumpkin outside - just in time for Halloween!


Now that you’ve made your very own pine cone pet, make sure you share your creation with us on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtags #FreeYourPlay and #KamikStepOutside.

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