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Kamik products carry a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. If you think your Kamik footwear is defective, please contact us via our "I have a defective product" subject line in our "contact us" form. Please note that this warranty does not cover products that have been damaged by misuse, accident, modification or unauthorized repair, natural wear of materials over time or purchased from a third-party seller that is not an authorized Kamik dealer.

PLEASE NOTE" if an after market waterproofing spray or substance is applied to the product, the warranty is now void. You will no longer be covered under the Kamik warranty program.

If you believe your Kamik footwear is defective, the best and fastest way to resolve the issue is to bring it back to the store you bought it from. If that isn’t possible, please choose subject line "I have a defective product - Kamik boots" on our "contact us" form along with a scanned copy of your sales receipt, your contact information, a brief description of the problem and a photo of the product showing the problem area. Please allow 15 business days for us to respond, while we investigate. If you have a defective jacket or pants please select "I have a defective product - Kids Apparel" or "Adults Apparel"


We test all Kamik products to ensure they meet our strict quality standards. For temperature testing, we send our boots to an outside agency, the Centre for Textile Technologies Group CTT (Performance Testing Council (PTC) of Canada). The Kamik Certified Comfort Rating that results from these tests helps you pick the right boot for your needs.

Our products are tested and certified in many ways. We receive various independent, certified test reports before production. We receive certificates of compliances from all our raw material suppliers. We subject our products to a variety of in-house laboratory tests, including tests for waterproofness, cold flexing, abrasion resistance, electrical shock resistance, and impact testing for steel protective toes. As well, our materials are tested to ensure they do not contain phthalates, lead or other harmful chemicals.

To find sizing information, just click here to view Kamik's size chart.

For basic Kamik sizing information, you can check the Kamik size conversion chart by clicking here. But feet are three dimensional, which can make it difficult for some individuals to know which size will fit them best. So, we recommend being fitted with the use of a Brannock device, which will give you the most accurate size information.

Just one! Yes, we said it, ONE. Your feet should be comfortable and warm with just one pair of socks. Check the Kamik Certified Comfort Rating to determine which boots will be best for the temperature conditions you are expecting.

Both leather and nylon are good looking, high quality boot materials. Choosing one over the other is just a personal style preference.

Leather boots - We carefully selected the leather uppers used in your Kamik boots to last a long time. But if you wear your boots a lot, they can get scuffed or dirty. If you want to clean them, we recommend using a good quality leather cleaner and conditioner, which you can find at most of the better footwear dealers and outdoor gear shops. Follow the directions on the product label. Note that these cleaners should not be applied to the rubber portions of your boots.

Nylon boots - To keep the nylon uppers of your Kamik boots looking their best, we recommend hand washing in cold water with mild soap or detergent, rinsing, and then letting them air dry away from heat.

Rubber Boots - Simply wipe clean after use with warm water and a mild soap. Rinse. Air dry.

We sure do! Kamiks come in wide widths in certain Kids', Men's, and Women's styles. Simply select "Technology" filter on any page, and apply "WIDE WIDTH" to refresh the results.

PRODUCT Q&A (liners)

Removable liners can be removed from the boot, to wash and dry or simply to air out. Fixed liners are sewn into the boot and cannot be removed.

If you want to clean your removable liners, simply remove them from your boots and hand wash using a mild detergent. For machine washing, use a "Delicates" or "Hand Wash" cycle. After washing, air-dry your liners away from heat.