How to : Make a paper-copter!🚁

How to : Make a paper-copter!🚁

School’s back in session, and we’ve got you covered with the perfect activity to help them learn the laws of gravity!


  • * Paper (preferably one that you were planning on recycling!)
  • * Scissors—we suggest the help of an adult to cut the paper to prevent any accidents (they’ll be able to do the rest themselves!)
  • * 1 paperclip


Step 1: Take a piece of paper, cut it down the middle and pick a half.

Step 2: Fold a third of the paper and then cut it in half, these will be the paper-copter blades.

Step 3: Fold in half to create a second line, and make a small cut on both sides of that line. Be careful not to cut all the way through!

Step 4 : Fold one half into the center and then fold the other half into the center. Now, fold the bottom into a triangle.

Step 5: Fold upwards to secure them. Add a paperclip to make the paper-copter🚁 go down faster!

Step 6: Fold the paper at the top to make the blades.

Step 7 : Step Outside® and find an elevated spot to launch your paper-copter!🚁

Now that you’ve made your very own paper-copter🚁, make sure you share your creation with us on Facebook and Instagram by using the hashtags #FreeYourPlay and #KamikStepOutside.          


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