Why you'll love it

If you're determined to make the most of the coldest months of the year, these super-cozy women's winter boots are for you. They'll keep your feet comfortable while you take the kids to a winter festival or shovel the driveway after a storm. In fact, your toes will stay toasty in temperatures as low as -40°C with HEAT-MX™ sustainable thermal insulation! Moisture stays out thanks to their waterproof and flexible synthetic rubber shell, and you can feel even better about your purchase knowing that the seam-sealed genuine eco-friendly leather upper comes from a tannery that's rated gold for sustainability.

Waterproof Seam-Sealed Genuine Eco-Friendly Leather CushyStep Insole Comfort Rated: -40°C


Seam-sealed waterproof genuine leather and nylon upper

ISA TanTec's LITE™ eco-friendly leather

Leather is from a tannery rated gold for its water, energy, and waste management practices

Waterproof gusset tongue

HEAT-MX™ 145 sustainable thermal insulation

Moisture wicking fleece lining


Removable CushyStep Everyday EVA foam footbed

Odour-eliminating, natural and non-toxic Cleansport NXT™ treatment


Waterproof and flexible synthetic rubber shell

Heel counter lug for easy removal and snowshoe strap retention

ICEKISS dual-density, self-cleaning tread design for stability in snowy conditions

Die Details


Höhe: 20.000 cm
Nettogewicht: 1039.0000 g
Umfang: 26 cm (size 38)


All of the materials and seams are specially treated with waterproof tapes and sealants to block moisture and keep feet totally dry.
Keiner Maximal


Featuring HEAT-MX™ 145 sustainable thermal insulation, with a fleece lining for added warmth. Comfortable to -40°C.
Hülse Thermal

Leather Working Group

Kamik Canada Inc. der Leather Working Group (LWG) beigetreten, um die optimale Umsetzung von Umweltschutzmaßnahmen in der Lederindustrie zu unterstützen und zu fördern.

LITE Leather

Die Produktionsstätte LITETM (Low Impact To the Environment) von ISA TanTec ist so konzipiert, dass der Wasser- und Energieverbrauch überwacht und der Einsatz von Chemikalien während des Produktionsprozesses begrenzt wird. Dadurch wird die Herstellung von umweltfreundlichem Leder ermöglicht.

Ortholite® Hybrid

Ortholite® HybridTM ist eine zum Patent angemeldete Technologie, bei der 5 % recycelter Kautschuk und 15 % Schaumstoff aus Produktionsabfällen gemischt werden. Dies entspricht einem Öko-Anteil von 20 % und sorgt für kompromisslose Leistung bei geringerer Belastung des Planeten.