#FreeYourPlay Bingo Challenge!

#FreeYourPlay Bingo Challenge!

Let’s get ready to bingo! For the month of April, we’re challenging you, your family and everyone in between to step outside and free your play. All of the activities for our bingo challenges can be done safely in your backyard or on your daily walks outside. We know this is a challenging time for everyone, so let’s make sure to get some fresh air and have fun as much as we can! Looking for fun activities to keep your kids busy? Some alone time while you enjoy the fresh spring air? We’ve got you covered! We’ve got one bingo scorecards for kids and families, and one for those who are looking for some “me” time outside. Make sure to tag us using our @kamikofficial handle on Instagram, and use the #KamikBingoChallenge #FreeYourPlay hashtags for a chance to be featured on our social media pages. Here’s all the instructions you need for some of our kid-friendly activities!


How to: Make a Kite

  • How to: Make a Mud Kitchen:

  1. Gather some pots and pans you don’t mind getting dirty
  2. Find a really nice and muddle spot outside in your backyard
  3. Gather all the ingredients you need to make a recipe! Mud, rocks, branches…what will you create?
  • How to: Puddle Jump:

  1. Rainy day? Perfect – that means there are puddles waiting outside
  2. Put on your rain boots and find the biggest puddle
  3. Whoever makes the highest and biggest splash wins!
  • How to: Make DIY Binoculars:

  1. Take 2 empty toilet paper rolls
  2. Use some glue to glue them together
  3. Add a loose string, so that it can be used as a collar
  4. Go and explore the world on your walk!
  • How to: Make a Magic Potion:

  1. Find a nice big bucket or pot that can be your “cauldron”
  2. Put all “magic” ingredients you can find in the yard in the cauldron
  3. Add some “colors” and “sparkles” depending on the power it gives
  4. Let it simmer…and poof! What magic powers did you get?
  • How to: Make a Stuffed Animal Zipline:

  1. Gather some string or a jump rope – the longer, the better!
  2. Tie it to two locations outside, and make sure the line is tight.
  3. Find your favorite stuffed animal, tie his hands together, and let it slide into a new adventure!
  • How to: Plant Flowers in an Old Pair of Rain Boots

  1. Find an old pair of rain boots that are no longer used
  2. Fill them with soil and plant anything you like!
  3. Make sure to give them lots of sunlight, water and love
  • How to: Build an Outdoor Fort

  • Gather some old sheets, use branches and anything else you can find to make a fort outside!
  • How to: Make Sock Puppets

  • Leaves and grass makes for great hair styles!
  • How to: Backyard Scavenger Hunt

  • Going for a walk? Try to find everything on this list – and more!
  1. 2 round rocks – 1 small and 1 big!
  2. A long tree branch
  3. Leaves
  4. Snow
  5. Flowers
  6. A red door
  • How to: Make a Horse Stick

  1. Find a stick that you can use, maybe an old broom or a branch?
  2. Got an old rain boot lying around? Stick it on the end!
  3. Use some grass to make the mane for your horse, and galop away to new adventures!

 And here is the bingo for those well-deserved “me” time, when you need to take a break from working at home or running after the kids. Have fun!




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